School Extension

Ms. Fallon took these images of what our school looked like before the building work started:

November 2016 – Our School Building Project

The following alterations will be made to the existing building, commencing on 1st November 2016.
1. Middle entrance hall will be enlarged, through the removal of cloakroom and two toilets.
This will create a larger entrance and easier access to rooms at the back of the school.

2. As you proceed down middle hallway, there will be a new resource room on the right. This room will be accessible to all classes for library, project, computer and Art classes, as well as visiting Resource Teacher.

3. On the left of the hallway a W.C. for assisted users will be built adjacent to learning support room.

4. The room at the back of the school (originally added on in 1983 as a general purpose room) will be enlarged (64m²) to facilitate indoor games or parent/community gatherings. A new classroom adjoining this room will be built on “Delaneys” side of the school (standard classroom size 80m²).

5. On the village side of the school adjoining the G.P. room the two toilets demolished at front entrance will be replaced. (These will serve the new classroom and G.P. room). Overlooking the playground, a new kitchen/staff room will be located (20m²). This larger kitchen will be more suitable for accommodating cookery classes, teas etc. in relation to gatherings in the G.P. room.

6. The portocabin will be used for storage – P.E. / games equipment/music etc…
The secretary’s office will be re-located to front of building (present staff room).

This new plan will increase the floor space of the school to meet requirements for our present enrolment figures (102 pupils).
It will open up the school to facilitate meetings/gatherings for concerts, music/project displays etc. as well as facilitating indoor games during inclement weather.
The provision of a new resource room and tea room will further increase opportunities for all children to access a more diverse curriculum.

Planning permission for the above project could only be granted provided that all car parking facilities be removed from the road at the front of the school, and alternative parking be provided on the school grounds.
The new car park area will be located at the two sides and front of the school building. All cars will enter at opening near boundary wall (Delaneys side) and exit at village side of the school. There will be marked parking areas parallel to the existing wall at front of the school.
There will also be a set down area where cars can drive in, drop/pick up pupils and continue to the exit gate. Parking or set down will no longer be possible outside the front wall.
Buses will park at side area (Delaneys side).
Staff cars will park at side area (Village side).

As with the school building plan, this new parking plan (as dictated by the Road Transport Department) will hopefully increase the safety of all road users and provide a more convenient “easy flow” method for collecting and dropping off pupils.

St. Mary’s N.S. was built in 1967 and will be celebrating 50 years of existence next year 2017. Many changes and advances have been made in education over those 50 years. It is envisaged that this renovation and extension will benefit pupils, parents, staff and the wider parish community for future generations.

The children in second class have been taking photos of the progress so far: