Raising the Green Flag

Today we had Mr. Gary Brady from Longford County Council visit our school to help us raise our 6th Green Flag.  This was a very special day for our school and Gary presented us with pendants we can put on display to show our 6 green flag awards.

Green Flag award

Our school recently received our 6th Green flag.  There was an awards ceremony in the Hudson Bay Hotel and Mrs. Dervin attended with Gabrielle and three children from the school.  Sadie, Jessica and Ciara were the lucky children and had a great day out in Athlone. This flag was awarded for Global Diversity and our school has been working hard on the topic for two years. Well done to all classes!

Halloween fun

On Friday we had a fun dress up day for Halloween, this was used as a fundraiser for Team Hope and Make A Wish Foundation. We have been doing the shoe box appeal for Team Hope and focusing on the various countries the boxes are sent to as part of our Global Citizenship for our next Green flag. This project will run until Wed 8th November in our school when Ms. Casserly will bring the boxes we have put together to the delivery point. 

During the day we had assembly where Ms. Fallon presented the three children that had full attendance during the 2016/2017 school year with a pencil and certificate. Well done on a fantastic achievement!

Mrs. Dervin’s class sang songs and said their poems to entertain everyone.  We were all very impressed with all they have learned during the first term of Junior & Senior infants.  1st & 2nd class children sang ‘Gobillino the witches cat’ to finish off the assembly.

Have a happy & safe Halloween everyone!