Active Schools week

Last week was ‘Active Schools Week’. We took part in lots of extra activities during the week and even got to walk to mass twice. We introduced a new initiative in every class, it was sent to us by Laya healthcare and is called ‘Super Troopers’, as part of our homework every night there is different activities to complete. Roscommon swimming pool sent us family passes and they were distributed to all families. Some classes took part in athletics, movement, gymnastics, dancing and other sporting activities during the week. It was great fun. 


Schools Relay Race

On Friday 28th April our school took part in the Longford County Primary Schools’ Relay Competition.  It was for children from 2nd class – 6th class and we had children from 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th taking part.  Mrs. Dervin trained the teams and we are lucky to have such a good athlete as our mentor! It was a wonderful event, well done to all participants and we were delighted that the 2nd class girls team came second in their competition.

Write a book/story project

Our school has taken part in the ‘Write a book/story’ project through Carrick Education centre.  Mrs. Dervin’s class wrote a class book for Junior and Senior infants.  Ms. Stenson’s class wrote a book each. Ms. Casserly’s and Ms. Fallons class wrote a story each.  

Mrs. Dervin brought them to the Education Centre and swapped books and stories with other schools.  We have really enjoyed reading the other stories and books from the other schools.  All of the books have now been returned to the Education Centre.  There will be a prize giving ceremony at the end of May and there will be prize winners from every class. It was a really enjoyable project.

New Classroom

We are delighted that the 5th & 6th class are back in the school in their new classroom. There has been major changes in the school since they went down to ‘The Hill’ in January, the changes are still ongoing but now the exterior is the focus as the new entrance and car park is commencing. It was an exciting day and the new part of the school looks great.