1st and 2nd class were learning about mini-beasts during the month of May.  We went on a mini-beast hunt and brought our nets, magnifying glasses, pooters and binoculars.  We found woodlouse, spiders, ladybirds butterflies, ants, worms, beetles, earwigs, flies, caterpillars and slugs. The children had a project on mini-beasts for homework for a week and then presented their projects to the children in 3rd and 4th class.  They learned some very interesting facts and had lots of fun!

Vegetable garden

We are very lucky that the Tidy Towns committee have very kindly dug a vegetable plot on our school grounds.  Yesterday Michael and Jack showed the children how to sow the vegetables.  The garden looks really well and the children thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jack tell them all about growing vegetables.  All of the children got to bring home potatoes to plant at home and some lucky children got the left over lettuce, strawberries and cabbage plants. We are looking forward to following their progress!

Chinese New Year

Rebecca’s mammy Lucy came in to 1st and 2nd class last week to teach the children about Chinese New Year.  This year it is the year of the dog so Lucy showed the children how do create a dog on red paper.  Red is a lucky colour in China.  She made dumplings and prawn crackers for the children and they were delicious.  She showed the children how to write ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese calligraphy.  The children had made Chinese dragons to welcome Lucy to our class. It was a very enjoyable morning, thank you Lucy.