Board of Management

ST Mary’s National School Board of Management

The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of the patron and is accountable to the patron and the Minister for Education. The Board must uphold the ethos of the school and is accountable to the patron for so doing. The principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, including providing guidance and direction to the teachers and other staff of the school and is accountable to the Board for that management.

Essentially the Board of Management manages the school in cooperation with the Principal and among other things:

  • Has responsibility for drawing up the school plan and for ensuring it is implemented
  • Appoints school teachers and ancillary staff
  • Has overall responsibility for the school finances, keep proper books and records and produce certified accounts which may be audited by the department.
  • Insure comprehensive insurance cover is in place for the school
  • Must insure that Child Protection and Welfare are taken into account in all school policies, practices and activities and that the school has in place a Code of Behavior and Anti-Bullying policy.
  • The approval and implementation of all school policies including Health & Safety.


The new Board of Management for the 4 year term 2015-2019 has been formed and is comprised of the following members:

Patron’s Nominees:

Teresa Farrell (Chairperson)

Rev. Merlyn Kenny P.P.

Parent’s Nominees: 

Yvonne Kenny

Joe Mulvihill

Staff Nominees:                        

Marie Fallon (Principal)

Sinead Stenson

Community Nominees:            

Margaret Brennan

Gerry Bohan

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